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"De Ninguna Manera" usage?

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I understand that "De Ninguna Manera" translates into English as "in no way," but do not quite understand the context in which you would use that phrase. Can anyone provide some examples of correct and incorrect usage?

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I'm spaniard, so I think I can help you on "De ninguna manera" usage, at least its common usage in Spain's spanish. As you may know, there can be some variations depending on the country, as it is the case with english too. I beg you to forgive my poor english skills, answering here is a way to improve those, so I'll appreciate your comments and corrections O:-)

In spanish "de ninguna manera" is used when something is not feasible or can not happen. Is an emphatic synonymous to "imposible". For example:

- ¿Crees que hoy va a llover?
- No, de ninguna manera, está totalmente despejado

A less obvious usage is when it denotes that someone is not allowed to do something:

- Me voy al cine con los amigos
- De ninguna manera, no saldrás hasta que termines los deberes

This last usage is considered somewhat rude because it expresses a degree of coercion.

Actually, I can not think of any incorrect usage, but of improper usage, that is, when it's considered somewhat rude. The context is important too, you don't use "de ninguna manera" on formal conversations or public speeches, it's considered a "dry" expression and denotes a strong opinion on something.

Hope I've helped.

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Gabi, thank you very much. That definitely made my understanding a lot clearer. I have only been studying Spanish for 3 months using an audiobook which tries to help the listener intuit meaning, but this sometimes confuses me.

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I think Gabi's answer it's pretty good. I would only add that it may be used in its plural form "de ninguna de las maneras", and, in the second usage may be substitued by "de ningún modo" or "en modo alguno".

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