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Is it always "etc."?

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Is it always "etc." or can "etc" also be used?

Could this be broadened to other abbreviations? [I am not sure about the grammar here. Leave comments and I will edit.]


I want to implement modules such as comment, rating, tag, etc to my entities.


I want to implement modules such as comment, rating, tag, etc. to my entities.


The Wiktionary entry for "etc" redirects to etc. so I suppose the second line is the correct one. But it looks strange with a full stop in the middle of the sentence.

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If you don’t like the look of etc. you could switch out to the full et cetera.

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lametón [ Editor ]

Yes, abbreviations must be marked always with a period, as in U.S.A., H.M.S., i.e., e.g., esq., Inc., etc. As you can see in my previous sentence, you should treat it as part of the word, as the ' in some plurals, for example, "Whose roses are those? They're Marias'" <- See, you don't stop writing ' just because you need to put ".

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As I saw in your previous sentence, you didn’t end it with a duplicate period. Any rule for that?

: Basic rule for an individual punction mark: one or none. Generally there isn’t a case where you would want to use .., ,,, '', !!, ??, etc.

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