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Plural from parentheses?

Asked by [ Admin ] , Edited by Peter Mortensen [ Admin ]

Is the following sentence all right?

I think Facebook (and the iPhone) use this solution.

Should it be uses (singular) instead of use (plural)?

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donald remero [ Moderator ]

You are correct. Parenthetical material is immaterial to the grammar of the rest of the sentence. So it would be no different than:

I think Facebook uses this solution (and the iPhone also).

Even if the parenthetical material is set apart by commas (then frequently referred to as an appositive clause), the grammar of the rest of the sentence is still determined as though the extra information does not exist, as in:

I think Facebook, and not the iPhone, uses this solution.

So, the correct form is:

I think Facebook (and the iPhone) uses this solution.

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